Aston John, Foulkes Bill, Dunne Tony, Sadler David, Stepney Alex - Sporting Legends - Autographed Editions - Signed Football Print

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John Aston (b.1921, d.2001), English footballer for Man United and seventeen times for England.

Bill Foulkes (b.1932), English footballer for Man United and once for England, he survived the Munich air disaster and captained the rebuilt Man United team, before going on to manage teams in America, Norway and Japan.

Tony Dunne (b.1941), Irish footballer for Man United and Bolton and thirty-three times for Ireland.

David Sadler (b.1946), English footballer for Man United and Preston and four times for England.

Alex Stepney (b.1942), English footballer for Milwall, Chelsea, Man Unitedand Dallas and once for England

Limited edition black and white glossy photographic print measuring 16x12, depicting head and shoulders shots of the five Manchester United legends: John Aston, Bill Foulkes, Tony Dunne, David Sadler and Alex Stepney, signed by all five players.

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